To provide affordable animal protein (quality fish and fishery products) for the population and contribute significantly to the GDP.

The ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has its mission to plan, develop, rationally mange and conserve all living aquatic resources of the country for the benefit of the country.

The Fisheries Sector Policy is to promote responsible and sustainable fishing practices through good governance while contributing to poverty reduction and wealth creation in Sierra Leone.

The overall policy of the ministry aims at promoting the attributes of good governance in sustainable fisheries management, combating illegal fishing, promoting economic value addition to the fisheries, augmenting marine fishery production through sustainable development of aquaculture and inland fisheries, consistent with the Agenda for prosperity. Underpinning the revised National Fisheries Policy are the following guiding principles:

  • Full consideration is given to national agenda for poverty reduction and wealth creation for socio-economic development.
  • Consultative mechanisms in the decision making process
  • Enhance stakeholders' participation and empowerment
  • Increase participation of fishing communities through co-management processes
  • Strengthen extension services for effective dissemination of improved information, techniques and technology.
  • Develop fisheries protection systems.
  • Fisheries research to management decisions are strengthened
  • Support the development of aquaculture and inland fisheries
  • Facilitate fisheries infrastructural development
  • Enhance the capacity of ministry staff and stakeholders to promote sound fisheries management development
  • Apply environmental considerations in fisheries management
  • Participate in regional and international for a
  • Implement general fisheries conservation, ecosystem protection and restoration.