To provide affordable animal protein (quality fish and fishery products) for the population and contribute significantly to the GDP.

The ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has its mission to plan, develop, rationally mange and conserve all living aquatic resources of the country for the benefit of the country.

The Fisheries Sector Policy is to promote responsible and sustainable fishing practices through good governance while contributing to poverty reduction and wealth creation in Sierra Leone.


The Head of the Procurement Unit, Mr John F. Lamin

Procurement u


The Procurement unit is headed by the Procurement Officer Mr John F. Lamin who reports directly to the Permanent Secretary.


In accordance with Section 19 of the Public Procurement Act of 2004, A Procurement Unit shall be established in each procuring entity, staffed with persons trained and knowledgeable in procurement and charged with carrying out, on an on-going basis, functions related to procurement. Section 19 (2) states that Procurement Units are established and provided with adequate staffing and resources. Section 19 (3) outlines the functions of Procurement Unit of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources include:-

  • Planning of procurement for each financial year in line with the strategic plan of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources
  • Preparation of Invitations to bid and of bidding documents
  • Publication and distribution of invitations to bid
  • Receiving and safeguarding of bids
  • Conducting bid opening procedures
  • Evaluation of bids, including management of necessary technical evaluation committees and advisers to properly evaluate the bids
  • Performance of secretarial services for the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources' Procurement Committee;
  • Administering the implementation and monitoring of contracts, to the extent that it is not carried out by end-user departments
  • Assessment of the quality of the procured goods, works and services;
  • Sourcing and profiling of all suppliers, contractors and consultants, and the maintenance of a data base for that purpose;
  • Such other functions as may be conferred by any other enactment.