To provide affordable animal protein (quality fish and fishery products) for the population and contribute significantly to the GDP.

The ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has its mission to plan, develop, rationally mange and conserve all living aquatic resources of the country for the benefit of the country.

The Fisheries Sector Policy is to promote responsible and sustainable fishing practices through good governance while contributing to poverty reduction and wealth creation in Sierra Leone.

Max A Konneh, Press Officer, MFMR

 press office


Have well functioning, coordinated and sustainable public information and communication programmes geared towards educating the public on the day to day activities of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources in a proactive manner.


  • Daily monitoring and reporting of MFMR activities (use files and press cuttings and calendar of events, E.g. Courtesy calls on Minister and Deputy, training workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Production of News letters, Magazines, Brochures, Annual Calendar, Documentaries Etc.
  • Organise Key Media Information Sessions for Administration and Professional Heads with a view to updating them on current media reports on the ministry.
  • Organise News Conferences on planned and scheduled MFMR up coming events, accompanied by Press Releases and Media Alerts.
  • Prepare Speaking and Briefing Notes and Media Kits for Media tours and coverage.
  • Organise Briefing Sessions with media in Provincial Areas, covering MFMR Outstations. *Organise meeting with selected Press Houses to discuss issues of public concern.
  • Update MFMR Notice Boards with adverts, Photos, News Paper Cuttings and Press Releases.
  • Help design and Establish Website and Internet Services to update and disseminate MFMR activities.
  • Organise Radio and T.V. Programmes in collaboration with MFMR staff and other Stakeholders
  • Take and produce News -worthy Photos for dissemination.
  • Organise the procurement of News papers, Magazines and other related publications for the Offices of the Minister, P.S. Press Office and other Senior Staff of the Ministry.