To provide affordable animal protein (quality fish and fishery products) for the population and contribute significantly to the GDP.

The ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has its mission to plan, develop, rationally mange and conserve all living aquatic resources of the country for the benefit of the country.

The Fisheries Sector Policy is to promote responsible and sustainable fishing practices through good governance while contributing to poverty reduction and wealth creation in Sierra Leone.

Kadiatu Seaport Kamara, Head of Marine Artisanal Unit

Kadiatu Seaport Kamara

The Artisanal Fisheries provides a significant source of employment and livelihood in Sierra Leone. More than 80% of the population depends on fish for animal protein and bulk of this fish comes from the artisanal sector. Artisanal Fishery is a major activity in the coastal areas of Sierra Leone. There are more than 8000 boats used in the artisanal sector with over750 landing sites all over the country.

 Some of the Main activities covered under the Marine Artisanal Fisheries Unit Includes:

  • Coordination of Development activities for Artisanal Marine Fisheries, Inland fisheries and aquaculture
  • Project development for small scale fisheries, including safety at sea
  • In charge of canoe conflict in industrial and artisanal fisheries
  • In charge of fisheries outstations and supervision of personnel
  • Formation and coordination with management committee for Marine protected areas
  • Collaboration with local councils, fishers organizations, village authorities for co-management of the fish resources
  • Collaboration with local councils for licensing of artisanal fishing crafts and submission of returns
  • Other duties assigned by the director of fisheries

Sierra Leone is endowed with abundant and diverse important fish resources in its Marine Sector. These resources are found along the entire coastline.
The coastline is continuously replenished with rich nutrients by series of rivers empting into the continental shelf thereby making the richest in the sub region. The exploitation of the Marine fisheries resources is divided into the following sectors;

  • The Marine Industrial Fisheries and
  • The Marine Artisanal Fisheries

The Marine Artisanal exploitation is carried out by local individual fishermen residing along the entire coastline of the Country. It is of paramount importance to the Socio-economic of the country as it provides employment and income to the rural Youth, Women etc and above all about 80-85% of fish comes from this sector.
Therefore, the sustainable development and management of the Marine fishery resources could be ensured through capacity building of the Sector by way of;

  • Introducing of improved and appropriate technology and techniques
  • Rational Management of the resources through efficient extension delivery services

It is in view of the above that the Marine Artisanal unit of the Ministry is proposing to undertake the following activities....