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A team of Senior Management staff from the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, led by the Assistant Director of Fisheries and Head of Planning, Policy and Statistics, Lahai Sesay has concluded a one-day sensitization visit to Sulima, a popular Coastal Fishing Community in Sorogbema Chiefdom, Pujehun District, Southern Province.
The main thrust of the public education campaign is to raise awareness on the ministry’s key management measures and activities including this year’s “Closed Season” which main objectives are to reduce fishing pressures, rebuild fish stocks and prevent over fishing.
Addressing stakeholders at the Immigration Office in Sulima, Head of the team, Lahai Sesay said they were there to update the community on activities of the ministry, especially the Closed Season. He outlined a number of measures the ministry has put in place to ensure that initiative is strictly observed including a ban on export of fish and fisheries products by all industrial Companies and Fish Processing Establishments by sea, land and air, sale of all fish caught by Artisanal Fishermen in the local market.

During this period, he said foreign fishermen are also not allowed to operate within the country’s waters and registered the ministry’s unwavering determination to work closely with key stakeholders to

Intensify Monitoring and Surveillance of the country’s waters. He said the idea of engaging Artisanal Fishermen has been one of government’s priorities, adding that the initiative is also aimed at encouraging and empowering players in the sector. He admonished them to cooperate with the ministry in ensuring that the process is successfully implemented. Mr. Sesay warned them against smuggling and illegal fishing, saying it will deprive the government of the much needed revenue as well as contribute to the depletion and degradation of the fisheries and marine resources and environment.

Speaking on the Roles and Responsibilities of Stakeholders in the Fisheries Sector, Deputy Head of Marine Artisanal, Kadiatu Sea Port Kosaba, said Fishing cannot thrive well without the active participation of women. Madam Kosaba informed her audience that the Closed Season measure is one of the best practices approved and recommended by FAO and other partners for the sustainable management of the country’s fisheries and marine resources.

She disclosed plans by the ministry to launch and distribute a recently procured consignment of fishing nets that will be sold at an affordable price to only owners of licensed and registered fishing canoes. She encouraged her womenfolk to be patient as there are also plans to build their capacity especially in the area of fish handling and processing, among others

She entreated them to improve on their products value chain, abide by rules and regulations governing the industry, use fishing gears for their intended purposes, refrain from targeting Juvenile fish and ensure fish is available in the local market.

Commander of the Forward Operational Base in Sulima, Capt. Noah, said their primary role is to protect the country’s territorial waters and assured all of their determination to intensify monitoring and surveillance of their operational areas. “We will enforce the rules to the letter” he said while calling on residents in the area to abide by them.

A Representative of the Marine Police in Sulima, Melvin Kallon described Sulima as a very law-abiding settlement and also assured all of their desire to enforce the law. The Harbour Master, James Massaquoi described Sulima as a very organized and peaceful. On behalf of the fishing community, he promised to cooperate with the ministry to ensure the process is fully implemented.

Chairlady, Women in Fisheries, Sorogbema Chiefdom, Bintu Jah, appreciated the enviable work of the Minister, Hon. Emma Kowa Jalloh and team in the region and appealed for a reduction of tax levied on fish exported to Liberia and financial support to cushion the effects of high cost of living in the region.

A representative of the Ghanaian Fishermen Association, Anthony Baidie, thanked the ministry for promoting fisheries infrastructural development in Sulima and appealed for the provision of adequate standard fishing gears that will stand the test of time, taking into consideration, the unfavourable condition of the fishing environment in Sulima.

Deputy Town Chief and Chairman, Community Management Association, Sulima, Bockarie Koroma, lauded the giant strides the Minister of Fisheries, Hon. Emma Kowa Jalloh and team have made in promoting fisheries in their locality. He appealed for more support to enable them operate well and pledged their continued cooperation.

Another prominent woman in the region Susan Lumeh, on behalf of her colleagues moved the Vote of thanks.

Earlier, the team which included Senior Fisheries Officer, Mohamed Kai Kai who chaired the programme, Head of MFMR, Media, Max A. Konneh, Fisheries Officer in charge of Sulima Outstation, Amara Johnson, Finance Clerk, Mildred Lewis, paid a courtesy call on the Navy Commander of the area and took a conducted tour of fish processing facilities and landing sites followed by a visit to the newly established Competent Authority’s Outpost at Jendema where the team held fruitful discussions with the Officer in Charge, Emmanuel Kowa and other State Functionaries.


In the bid to scale up public education on the activities of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, the Director of Fisheries and team of senior staff of the Ministry have held talks with Kambia District Council authorities and stakeholders representing different coastal fishing communities within the district.

The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness on the successful implementation of the 2022 closed season and other key activities of the Ministry and in the same vein strengthen collaboration between the Ministry, Kambia District Council and Stakeholders in the district.

The meeting, which was held in the conference room of the Kambia District Council office, was witnessed by prominent stakeholders particularly in the fisheries sector in within the district and was chaired by Mr. Mohamed Kamara Senior Fisheries Officer and Head of Boarding in the MFMR attached to Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) Unit.

Giving the keynote address by Miss. Benrina Kanu Senior Fisheries Officer attached to the Competent Authority Unit in the Ministry said the Closed Season is management measure designed to rebuild fish stock level as to boost fish production to enhance food security, job creation and revenue generation.

She said the Closed Season is schedule commence on the 1st of April and end on the 30th,stating that during this one month period all industrial fishing vessels are prohibited to fish nor export, and that only local artisanal fishing boats are authorized to fish and sell to the local market.

All international export is suspended during this period to prevent fish shortage.

Giving brief statement by Mr. Mamoud Mansaray Senior Fisheries Officer attached to the Statistic Unit of the Ministry, admonished stakeholders present to be vigilant in monitoring all fishing activities within their localities as to prevent illegal export and activities having tendencies of destroying the county’s fish stock which the citizens livelihood solemnly depends on, he however assured them of the government’s commitment in ensuring the prudent management of Sierra Leone Fish Resource.

Mr. Mohamed Sesay Senior ICT officer in the Ministry in his submission said the Ministry is set to roll out sales of quality fish gears including fishing nets and lines to local fishing boat owner who have paid their license fees and have registered with MFMR outstation officers. He also encouraged them to work in collaboration with the enumeration in-term of data collection, as it is key to the sustainable management of the county’s fisheries resource.

During the comment section, the stakeholders pleaded for support from the ministry and the central government as to aid their livelihood during this period, which they stated that they normally perform trade activities with partners in Liberia most time in the form of batter (exchange) systems. They opined that if the government can create market access for them to be able to sell their catch and in returns be able to purchase imported rice and other basic items will be of great relevance to them, as that will mitigate illegal export of fish and other local consumable items.

The assured the ministry of their support towards the successful implementation of the 2022 closed season and that they will ensure all bad fishing methods are eradicated within their community.


In the bid to scale up public education on the activities of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, the Director of Fisheries and team of senior staff of the Ministry have held talks with Kambia District Council authorities and stakeholders representing different coastal fishing communities within the district.

The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness on the successful implementation of the 2022 closed season and other key activities of the Ministry and in the same vein strengthen collaboration between the Ministry, Kambia District Council and Stakeholders in the district.

The meeting, which was held in the conference room of the Kambia District Council office, was witnessed by prominent stakeholders particularly in the fisheries sector in within the district and was chaired by Mr. Mohamed Kamara Senior Fisheries Officer and Head of Boarding in the MFMR attached to Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) Unit.

Mr. Kamara in his opening remarks welcomed and thanked attendees including the Deputy Kambia District Council Chairman for his support and interest in the fisheries sector.

Giving a brief statement by Mr. Lamin Daboh Senior Fisheries Officer attached to Marine Artisanal Unit in the Ministry also thanked representatives from the various fishing communities within Kambia for attending

The meeting despite the hurdles and challenges they faced during movement from their different fishing communities.

Mr. Lamin Daboh said the Ministry under the leadership of Hon. Emma Kowa Jalloh as the Minister of Fisheries has done tremendously in the area of management as to scale up productivity in the sector through good governance and collaboration.


Vice President Jalloh, inspecting MFMR’s Exhibits

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) has on Saturday 16th October 2021, joined other partners including, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to commemorate the World Food Day with the theme “Our Action is our future, better production, better nutrition, better environment and better life”.

V.P Jalloh, making a statement

The event which took place at the Ansarul Boys Secondary School, Kono district, Eastern Province, attracted a good number of state functionaries including Paramount Chiefs, Fisheries and Agricultural products producers who showcased their products to the public.

Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Ibrahim Turay, delivering his statement.

In his key note address, Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh said government is fully aware of the increase in prices of food in the country, referring to it as a global issue, brought about as a result of the outbreak of covid19. He noted that the prices of food are relatively cheaper in Sierra Leone, compared to neighboring countries. He noted that as part of measures aimed at cushioning the effects on citizens, government has reduced import duties and other taxes on food items in order to cut down on their market prices.

The High Table

He said the President Bio-led government has prioritized health, education, food security among others for the benefit of the nation. He opined that the availability of food will reduce social tension, promote peace, harmony and development in the country.
He highlighted a number of strategies government has adopted in a bid to promote the agriculture and fisheries sector, including provision of tractors for farmers and introduction of an electronics voucher system for the acquisition and utilization of fertilizers by farmers and provision of fisheries infrastructures, gears and equipment to ensure effective and efficient service delivery.

Staff of MFMR

He used the occasion to launch the United Nations Food System Summit Report, Sierra Leone National Agriculture Transformation Report and a certified Sierra Leonean made baby food product made from sweet potatoes.
In his statement, the Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Ibrahim Turay, emphasized on the importance of fish on which he said, eighty percent (80%) of the country’s population depend.
He noted that to ensure fish is readily available and affordable, the Ministry has increased the landing obligations of Industrial fishing vessels from 30% to 40 % of their total catch for sale to the local market. The ministry, he said is also encouraging operators of fishing vessels to have fish depots nationwide as well as the Artisanal Fishers to land greater percentage of their catch for sale in the local market to ensure fair distribution of fish to the entire country

FAO Representative,Madam Tito Tipo, delivering her address

He pointed out that as one of its strategies to promote sustainable fisheries management, the ministry has provided fishing gears that will be sold on cost recovery basis to various fishing communities in the country. He also revealed that the ministry is in the process of implementing the newly formulated Fisheries Management Plan, which objectives among others are to streamline the sector to enable it address challenging issues such as Illegal, unreported and unregistered (IUU) fishing in the country’s territorial waters.
He expressed concern over the rate at which hunger is affecting a greater percentage the world’s population and the adverse effects of climate change on the development of the sector.
He therefore called on all to change the ways they interact with the environment for a better future as most of the climate impacts are induced by their actions

President, Farmers Federation, Yatta Sama making a statement

Food and Agriculture Organisation’s Representative in Sierra Leone, Nyabenyi Tito Tipo, described the day as “critical” as it came at a time when the emergence of COVID-19 has brought undue global hardship on nations.
Transformation in the agriculture sector she said, must start with concrete actions by stakeholders and re-echoed her organization’s unwavering commitment to ending hunger in the world.

Onlookers at MFMR’s booth

She said billions of dollars are needed annually to address issues relating to hunger, noting that the celebration also serves as an opportunity to raise public awareness on the need to fight hunger in the world

Mayor of Kono Municipality, Komba Mathew Sam reading his speech

The Chairman Host District, said, Kono which is well known for its diamonds is currently competing with other districts in the area of agricultural productivity. He called on government and other partners to help farmers produce more and provide opportunities that would prevent post-harvest losses.
Mayor of Kono, Komba Mathew Sam, described the occasion as a remarkable one with the ability to raise awareness about the importance of agriculture, food security and create a hunger- free world. He encouraged Sierra Leoneans to “grow what they eat and eat what they grow”

The President of the National Federation of Farmers in Sierra Leone, Yatta Sama, thanked the government for providing the enabling environment for farmers to operate and expressed the need to strengthen the existing relationship between her organization, government and development partners in order to make the sector viable.
Statements were also heard from Heads of other institutions at the well-attended ceremony which was climaxed by a conducted tour of the various booths, traditional drumming, dancing and skits.



Minister of Fisheries Emma Kowa Jalloh, and RESMIN, South, Mohamed Alie, Commissioning the new Fisheries Outstation

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has unveiled its newly constructed Modern Fisheries Outstation, VIP Toilet Facilities in Sulima, Sorogbema Chiefdom, Pujehun District and a consignment of Fishing Nets in Bonthe District, Southern Province.

The newly built Fisheries outstation in Sulima

The program which was attended by a galaxy of State Functionaries, Fisher folks, Security Personnel, including the Sierra Leone Navy, Police and Chiefdom Authorities was preceded by the introduction and handing over of the Ministry’s newly assigned Competent Authority Officer to Heads of institutions and Local Authorities in Jendema, a town located at the border between Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, giving her key note address

Giving her Keynote Address, amidst thunderous applause from the beneficiaries, the Minister of Fisheries, Hon. Emma Kowa Jalloh, said the events were manifestations of government’s desire to ensure the sector is effectively managed for sustainable national development.
She reiterated her Ministry’s profound commitment to empowering fishing communities through the provision of fishing nets, safety gears as well as other basic opportunities and facilities such as Smoke Ovens and Capacity Building Training Programs.
She commended the people of Sulima for their co-operation and admonished them to renounce bad fishing methods and engage in responsible and sustainable fishing practices.
The Minister described Sulima as “a fishing community with one of the best beaches in the country” and

entreated residents to make the best use of their God-given potential and endowment. As a means of making her Ministry’s presence felt in the country, she disclosed plans to assign Competent Authority Officers in strategic areas, especially key border crossing points in the country to ensure quality assurance as well as curb smuggling of the resources.
The Minister, who cut the tape to open the toilet facilities, also visited the proposed site for the construction of modern Smoke Ovens in Sulima. She urged the beneficiaries to work hand-in-glove with the Ministry’s staff so as to realize optimal benefits from the initiative.

Resident Minister, Southern Province, Mohamed Alie making a statement

In his Welcome Address, the Resident Minister, Southern Province, Mohamed Alie, who officially opened the new Fisheries Outstation, said the program was in fulfillment of President Bio’s desire to promote development in every parts of the country.
The project, he said provides an opportunity for the ministry to generate more revenue for national development while expressing thanks and appreciation to government for the initiative.
He pledged their continued support and encouraged the beneficiaries to embrace the project and work towards promoting development in their locality.

Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Ibrahim Turay making a statement

Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Ibrahim Turay, re-echoed government’s desire to transform the Fisheries Sector into a viable entity, noting that the Youth-Fisheries Project is a government initiative, aimed at empowering youths in the country for self-reliance

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Elizabeth Hawa Ellie, chairing the program

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Elizabeth Hawa Ellie who chaired the launching program in Sulima, appreciated the role played by stakeholders who in diverse ways have contributed to making the program a success whilst underscoring its importance in national development.

Director of Fisheries, Kahdijatu Jalloh, making a statement

Director of Fisheries, Kahdijatu Jalloh, spoke about the collaborative efforts her Ministry and other stakeholders have been making in promoting development in the industry and called on key partners such as the Navy, Police and Women in Fisheries for more support. She lamented the rate at which the country’s Fisheries and Marine Resources are depleting as a result of illegal fishing methods and encouraged all in the industry to join the fight against the menace.

A representative of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Fisheries, Hon. Mohamed Osman Jalloh making a statement

A representative of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Fisheries, Hon. Mohamed Osman Jalloh, said one of their functions is to oversee Government’s programs and activities and described the project as “wonderful and impressive”.

Town Chief of Sulima, Shiaka Luseni, Massaquoi, making a statement

The town Chief of Sulima, Shiaka Luseni, Massaquoi, commended government for the tremendous strides it has made in promoting development in their Chiefdom.
He pledged their unwavering commitment to supporting government in its effort to promote development programs in the Chiefdom and appealed for more, especially in the areas of youth development and education.
Councilor and representative of the Sierra Leone People’s Party in the area, Francis Gelley, catalogued a number of development programs the current government has implemented in the country since its inception and thanked management and entire staff of the Ministry of Fisheries for what he described as a” Laudable Venture”.

The Audience

The Minister and team were later taken on a conducted tour of facilities in the newly built structures and Surveillance Boat, provided by government.
The team also visited the Ministry’s Outstation and addressed key stakeholders at Gbondapi.
In another engagement, the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, visited Bonthe District where she commissioned a consignment of brand new Fishing Nets and Netting Materials, procured by the World Bank in collaboration with the ministry as part of its strategies, aimed at enhancing the artisanal Fisheries sector and minimizing use of illegal fishing nets

Launching the fishing materials at the ministry’s Outstation, the Minster of Fisheries, Emma Kowa Jalloh, said Bonthe District was the first to receive part of the consignment, citing various reasons why they thought it necessary to provide the nets, including, the need to replace confiscated illegal nets and encourage them to renounce bad fishing methods.

Minister of Fisheries, Emma Kowa Jalloh, showcasing the Safety Gears.

The Minister, who also showcased samples of the newly procured Fishing Nets and Life Jackets to her audience, reminded the fishers that they are not going to be provided free of charge but will be sold on cost recovery basis with minimal costs that would suit every intending buyer.

P.S. Elizabeth Ellie, calling the programme to order in Bonthe

She underscored the need for all partners in the sector to fight against illegal fishing so that future generation will benefit from the country’s marine resources. Madam Kowa Jalloh also used the occasion to urge boat owners to register with the ministry as that will serve as one of the criteria that would enable them purchase the materials.

The Mayor of Bonthe Municipality, Lehmin Joe Sandy recalled several unfulfilled promises made by passed governments to replace hitherto confiscated fishing nets and provide other development needs. He described Bonthe as one of the most deprived districts in the country and thanked President Bio and Government for fulfilling its promises and putting them on top of the country’s development agenda.
Director of Fisheries, Kahdijatu Jalloh, intimated that Bonthe district has been very law abiding in the past in terms of upholding the rules and regulations governing the sector and entreated them to continue to abide by the tenets of their occupation. She disclosed plans to revive the Bonthe Fisheries Outstation, noting that it will help provide job opportunities and generate revenue among others.

Chairman, Bonthe Municipality, Moses Foday, making his opening statement

The Chairman of Bonthe Municipality, Moses Foday who chaired the program affirmed government’s desire to develop the fisheries sector as an important source of livelihood and advised that “the process should be done the correct way”

A Representative of Fishermen, Wudie Bakie making a statement

A representative of the National Fishermen Consortium, Wudie Bakie Koroma, called on all especially traditional leaders to help sensitize their communities about the negative effects of illegal fishing methods and thanked government for promoting the industry.

Cross section of staff of the Ministry

Pouring of libation, singing, drumming and dancing climaxed the occasions.

The audience in Bonthe District



Minister of Fisheries, Emma Kowa Jalloh, making a statement.

Sierra Leone’s fisheries resources have been subjected to undue fishing pressure for decades by commercial Industrial Fishing vessel and artisanal fishing fleets. Previous and current scientific estimates indicate decrease biomass in key commercially exploited fish species with evidence of overfishing between 2016 -2018.

A group photo of participants at the workshop

This situation, according to experts is due to weak implementation of management measures, coupled with inadequate enforcement capability to ensure compliance with prescribed rules and regulations. In an attempt to reverse the current trend, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resource has introduced robust sustainable management measures that will rebuild the stocks so that they can fully contribute to the country’s socio- economic development.

Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Ibrahim Turay, making a point

Among measures undertaken by the ministry is the development of a Fisheries Management Plan which has been reviewed by key stakeholders including, representatives from the Technical and Scientific Committee on Fisheries, Parliament, Industrial Fishing Companies, Artisanal fisheries sector, management staff of the ministry and navy,
Speaking at a one-day technical validation workshop on the draft Fisheries Management Plan 2020-2025, held at the ministry’s conference hall on Friday, 29th January, 2021, the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Emma Kowa Jalloh, said she has been yearning for answers as to how the country’s fish stocks could be sustained in the long term, adding that most of the positive answers could be found in the new fisheries management plan.

Director of Fisheries, Kadijatu Jalloh, and Deputy Secretary, M. Jalloh at the workshop.

She expressed concern over the alarming rate at which the country’s fish stocks, mangrove vegetation, marine environment among others are exploited and polluted while underscoring the need to ensure that living aquatic resources are sustainably managed. Citing various steps taken to transform the sector, the minister intimated that her ministry in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Biology has been conducting fish stock assessment through Scientific Observer Programme as well as an independent Fish Stock Assessment Programme, using a Chinese Research Vessel. She implored participants to proffer concrete solutions that would address issues relating to the sustainable management of the country’s fisheries sector.

Acting Deputy Director, J. Mamie making his presentation

Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Ibrahim Turay, described the initiative as an “unprecedented attempt” by the ministry to address issues relating to the sustainable management of the industry. He informed the gathering that according to the Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, 78% of the world’s coastal resources are depleted or declining whilst acknowledging the need to thoroughly validate the draft plan.

A cross-section of participants at the workshop.

“In order to ensure we maintain investments, profit and revenue, we need to have the resources in a healthy state” he added.
Director Fisheries, Kadijatu Jalloh, stressed the importance of the workshop, saying that it will serve as an opportunity for them to review the document and manage the sector well. She lamented the rate at which fishers from neighbouring countries are exploiting the country’s fisheries resources as a result of the depleting nature of marine resources in those countries and expressed the urgent need to put in place, systems that would protect the country’s marine ecosystem.
Presenting the draft plan to stakeholders, Acting Deputy Director of Fisheries, Josephus Mamie, said it objectives among others are to regulate the fishing effort by fishing fleets to a level that would ensure sustainable exploitation of fish stocks at a maximum economic yield and ensure compliance with national, regional and international legal instruments.

More participants

The programme which was chaired by the Deputy Secretary of the ministry, Mohamed Jalloh, also saw a review of the Joint Maritime Committee, JMC operational plan 2021.
Salient concerns, observations and suggestions were raised by participants during the interactive working group sessions for the attention of management staff of the ministry.

MFMR Provides Sand Miners with Alternative Livelihood

Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has teamed up with UNDP on Thursday 29th July 2021 to commission five Artisanal boat and accessories, and distribute them to five youth groups engaged in sand mining, as alternative form of livelihood. The event took place at Goderich Fish Landing Site in Freetown.

MFMR- Minister

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon. Emma Kowa Jalloh, in her key note provided detailed information on the UNDP Project, Adaptation to Climate Change – Induce Risk Management, she noted that the project objective is to strength the ability of Coastal Communities to manage climate change risk and impact on physical and economic livelihood, in which Ministry of Fisheries is a key stakeholder.
She continued that the project will deliver three complementary out comes with Ministry of Fisheries. She cataloged a number of activities that have been undertaken, including the task to provide support for at least ten vulnerable local youth groups to rejoin artisanal fishing,in order to embrace ecofriendly and sustainable fisheries, and to divert from sand mining activities, to Formulate ten youth groups at targeted sand mining areas Lakka, Hamilton, Goderich, Senge and Conakridee, to conduct training and capacity building for youth groups on both maintenance and net repairs, to carryout training for two Hundred women in fish processing and packaging techniques, to undertaken public awareness campaign with training of trainers for and trainer for at least twenty-five community leaders of which 50% are women, on climate change risk and benefit of different adaptation options, to constructed raise platform for Goderich, Conakridee, Shenge and Turtle Island.
She continued that the construction of five artisanal boats has been completed and the occasion was to launch those (boats) with all their accessories. She thanked UNDP and assured them that the items will be put into good use and that by next year beneficiaries will be testifying about change in their livelihood. She further encouraged beneficiaries to sell fish catch to the local market to avoid fish scarcity.

MFMR- Director

In her statement the Director of Fisheries and Marine Resources Mrs. KhadijatuJalloh noted that empowering youths with alternative livelihood is timely as the issues of climate change continues to eat fabrics of countries, adding that climate change could be natural or manmade. She mentioned water eruption around the Funkiya Costal Community few days back, which according to her was as a result of excessive sand mining in that community. She said the ministry with support from UNDP has constructed the boats to manage the climate change issue and to protect the ocean resources. She drew the attention of beneficiaries to the fact that the boats will be distributed with their appropriate accessories, and warned them against the use of monofilament net.

UNDP- Representative

The representative from UNDP explained that the funds used to construct the boats came from GEF Project, which one of its objectives is climate resilient alternative for sand mining.She listed Lakka, Hamilton, Goderich and Konakridee to be the targeted beneficiaries ofthe project.
She proclaimed that her organization supported the project with the hope that it will improve livelihood of beneficiaries and their communities, adding that it is UNDP’s contribution to achieve goal 14 of the National Development Goal.
She also noted that her organization has engaged on improving fish handling and processing techniques aimed at preservation and storage skills of fish to reduce pressure on fish, so that fishermen will not go out to sea when the sea is high. She ended saying that her organization has set aside resources for maintenance of the equipment in six months.

Minister of Youth

The Minister of Youth explained that youths of this nation were known for staging riot and gangsterism, according to him over the years, the narrative has changed because the leadership of His Excellency Julius Maada Bio described the youth as partners in development, therefore the youth can now boast of many pointers in terms of development. He cataloged a number of achievement and plans ahead for the youth of the nation.
He explained that his ministry had commissioned and distributed seventy (70) fishing boats of which the Ministry of Youth has received Five Hundred Millions Leone (Le 500,000,000)from the operators, which will be used to create more opportunities for other youth groups to benefit.
He defined youth as persons between the ages of 15 and 35, calling on the Ministry of Fisheries to consider age bracket in the selection of beneficiaries. He admonished MDAs to keep creating the platform for youths of this nation to show case their talents. He encouraged beneficiaries to make good use of the opportunity to better themselves and their communities.

Hon. NenehLebbie proclaimed that the youth should make use of the opportunity to make themselves independent and self-reliant. She noted that the issue of climate change is serious and needs proper education starting from schools. She thanked the Ministry of Fisheries for providing alternative livelihood for youth in sand mining.
The Minister of Environment said his ministry will be working on a curriculum for Environmental Education starting from universities. He advised Sierra Leonean to stay away from activities they engage in that are hazardous to the environment for the safety of all Sierra Leoneans.